Precisely What Is The Bisexual Pride Flag, And So What Does It Mean?

While many people have become acquainted the famous rainbow banner, additionally additional
LGBQT+ flags
that each represent the different intercourse, sexuality, appeal, and gender diversities in your fabulous community


Although the majority of queer individuals identify making use of rainbow banner alone, a lot of in addition want to travel their certain flag alongside it. Because, y’all, representation is extremely important!

One banner may be the
Bisexual Pride Flag
– a banner you could actually have viewed flown any kind of time quantity of satisfaction celebrations around the world, from
Puerto Vallarta
…and every where in the middle!

person is someone that is actually intimately interested in both women and men. Bisexuality may also be translated as people with romantic or sexual interest to individuals aside from their own sex or sex identity, how this really is understood a lot more particularly as pansexuality.

Michael webpage designed the bisexual satisfaction banner in 1998 giving the bisexual community emblematic that has been much like the gay pleasure rainbow banner.
He aimed to improve presence to the bisexual
area, because bi-erasure is a real thing – and is arguable in the same manner big difficulty then since it is today.

The bisexual flag features three tones. Some tips about what all of them suggest:

  • Pink symbolizes same-gender attraction.
  • Blue shows intimate destination into the contrary gender. In the case of
    genders, it identifies intimate interest to some other gender.
  • Imperial (the overlap between pink and bluish) represents sexual destination to two or more men and women.